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Welcome to Straightforward Publishing website. We specialise in the publication of quality self-help books written by professionals currently working in their particular field. The 'Straightforward Guides' are now established in UK bookshops and we cover many aspects of law, personal finances, personal development, property, business, creative writing, childcare, alternative health, and more.

Please use the link on the left index to 'browse our bookshop' - if you click on most of our book-covers you will see the contents and intro pages of the books so that you can get a feel for the subject before you purchase. We pride ourselves in keeping our law and regulations titles under revision, up to date, and in keeping with current legislation.

Straightforward wishes to support local UK bookshops
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Straightforward makes headway into e-books

Our recent additions of e-books is proving popular, and we are at about 60% in converting our range of titles to e-book format. We are making our best-selling titles available in e-book format which can be read by most e-readers including kindle. These are being made available through Amazon's website as are all our paperback titles - the choice of format is yours and the good news for our readers is that our e-book format comes with typical savings of 50% of the original price.

The blue 'Find on Amazon' buttons give direct links through to our e-books on Amazon where you can purchase and download them.
Wherever you see this style of button
Find on Amazon by one of our book descriptions then you can purchase the book as an e-book from Amazon by following the link
This link will take you to our popular 'Straightforward Guide to Employment Law' by Karen Lee - Kindle Edition.
Please check with Amazon
if your reader will accept this version, but we are assured that most e-readers do.

Tough times getting you down - don't let them - fight back with our recent additions to our Personal Finance titles.

Our Personal Finance titles are up to date with the latest information and advice on how to overcome the current recessionary times. Anthony Vice published his latest title with us on 'Savings and Investments - Maintaining Your Financial Health' in July last year. It offers essential knowledge on personal finances during a dificult period for us all. Check out our 'Personal Finance' category by clicking here.

On-Line Purchasing

Straightforward Publishing bookshop offers on-line purchasing of our titles with free postage on single purchases and up to 25% discount on multiple purchases. We have, after careful consideration, signed up with Paypal to handle credit-card payments. The system is very secure and we can assure customers that we have taken care that all orders and payments from this site are private and guaranteed.
credit cards accepted

The ethos of our company is that of personal development and individual empowerment. We hope that you will find what you need from our wide selection and that you will benefit from it.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or comments.


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Last Updated - March 2017

news and reviews

Our Emerald imprint site has now been merged into this site for economy reasons. All our Emerald titles can be accessed here, as usual:
Emerald website

Emerald is an imprint of Straightforward Publishing and brings a high standard of design and format quality which complements our early commitment to low-cost publishing for all. This, combined with increased marketing efforts, provides a product that competes with more established publishers.


We are pleased to anounce our latest additions:

What's happened to our rights following Brexit? A prominent UK Barrister, Dr Michael Arnheim, has decided to lay down his understanding of the extent of the law in the UK, and the human rights issue, that must be debated before any Brexit is solved.
His latest book, 'A Practical Guide to Your Human Rights and Civil Liberties'' is previewed here...

Roger Sproston
our MD, has been reminiscing,
Fighting for Light,
eh what?




Robert Franks has been busy and gives us 2 new titles adding to his excellent 'What to Expect when You go to Court'.

Nicholas Corder does not believe in Orwell's 'Ignorance is Strength' and gives us another invaluable title, 'Writing Good Plain English', to add to our Creative Writing section, and to enable you to fight the propaganda with...!

A new title to our Emerald 'explaining' range now includes 'Explaining Bi-Polar', written by Doreen Jarrett, a carer, from her own perspective and experiences.

The EBay phenomenon?the ebay phenomenon
- Paul Welwyn, a new author, has got it covered with his Straightforward Guide to Buying and Selling on Auction Sites(e.g.Ebay) and getting your business online - no problem - checkout his Guide to Starting an Online Business, from our Business section.

Some of our other new titles:

A new book on 'Financial Planning for the Future - From 45 to Retirement' comes with strong credentials from its author. A new author to Straightforward, Anthony Vice comes from a very distinguished career in the financial services sector.

A recent publication 'Understanding and Controlling Inheritance Tax', is by author David Marsh who has written for us before, and hopes that this currently topical area of law will be of interest to our readership.

debt collecting book coverRead the second, Emerald Publishing, edition of the Debt Collecting Merry Go Round By Anthony Reeves, which provides essential advice and guidelines on debt collection and the debt enforcement industry, including changes to legislation'.