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Dr Michael Arnheim

Barrister at Law
Sometime Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge

Guide to Your Human Rights and Civil Liberties

The Book

This timely and comprehensive book, post-Brexit, is written by an experienced human rights barrister and covers all aspects of human rights and civil liberties in the United Kingdom. The much talked about UK Bill of Rights, supposedly replacing the Human Rights Act, is also covered.
The book is wide ranging and certainly topical as we enter a new phase of our relationship with Europe. It will be invaluable to the layperson, student and professional alike.

Main Areas Covered in the book are:                                   

*Where do rights come from?  * The right to life * Right to freedom of expression
* Right to privacy * Right to freedom of association * Social rights
* Prohibition of torture * Right to a fair trial * Right and duties as a citizen

Dr Michael Arnheim Dr Michael Arnheim book-tour in U.S.
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The Author: Dr Michael Thomas Walter Arnheim
is a practising London Barrister, Sometime Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, and author. He has written eighteen published books to date, including most recently The God Book and Two Models of Government. Previously published books include The Handbook of Human Rights Law, Principles of the Common Law, The U.S. Constitution for Dummies and The Problem with Human Rights Law.

ISBN 978-1-84716-673-9 AVAILABLE MARCH 2017 £10.99

Click this link to go to book detail and order



Our very own Managing Director, Roger Sproston, spills the beans, tells his own life story!

From signing up for service to signing out - this is a story you've gotta hear...

Fighting For Light, The Travels of a Tin Pot Warrior is a book about one of the thousands of people, given the chance, who upped and left backgrounds offering very little in the way of hope. They headed, like a herd of Wildebeest, for the promised-land, or the illusion of the promised-land, some making it and others not.

Roger Sproston




public law front coverbusines law front coverRobert Franks is a teacher of Law and has recently been busy bringing us two new books; one on a current, topical subject 'Public Law', the other on 'Business Law', which neatly fills gaps in our Law section! Robert's first book with us is the excellent
'What to Expect when You go to Court'.



We're pleased to have Nicholas Corder back with us giving us the benefit of his vast teaching experience.

personal and business letters imageNicholas Corder has written a second book with us, the first being a specially commissioned novel, The Bone Mill, aimed at teenage readers, and published by Emerald, our imprint. The new book is 'Writing Good Plain English' and the author brings his many years of teaching this subject to this title. It is written in concise, accessible sections, a good-humoured book that explains clearly the essentials of writing good, plain English.

Corder takes you through the entire writing process - from initial idea, through planning, writing, revising and proofreading to the eventual presentation of a piece of writing.

The book recognizes that writing is not a skill that comes naturally to all of us. It concentrates on helping you to develop as a writer and deals with the pitfalls and problems of trying to write good English.


New to our Business section.buying selling on auction websites

A new author, Paul Welwyn, has started with us with two interesting books. One is a guide to auction websites, particularly ebay and amazon - Straightforward Guide to Buying, Selling and Making a Healthy Profit From Online Auction Sites(e.g.Ebay) and to complement this a book to help get your business online - Guide to Starting an Online Business, both are in our Business section.

Paul Welwyn is an IT professional specifically advising people how to set up online trading companies and how to exploit the market place.

We expect both his books to do well.




Recent titles in our Personal Finance section.

Financial Planning for the FutureA must for those planning their retirement A new book on 'Financial Planning for the Future - From 45 to Retirement' comes with strong credentials from its author. New to Straightforward, Anthony Vice comes from a very distinguished career in the financial services sector. He is a former journalist, (1953-1970) although he has, since then, held a number of prestigous positions with major UK companies and was a director of NM Rothschild (1972-91)

He is the author of a number of books on financial planning and brings his many years of experience to this book.



Disability Rights and Welfare Benefits''Understanding and Controlling Inheritance Tax is another Straightforward Guide published last year. The author David Marsh has written for us before and hopes that this currently topical area of law will be of interest to our readership. David is a specialist advisor in the areas of inheritance tax and capital gains tax.




Top of PageDon't understand the vaguaries of the Stock Market?

Go to Stockmarket Book DetailsA Straightforward Guide to the Stock Market, How the Stock Market Works, is a concise and practical guide to the UK stock market, how it operates and what its purpose is. The book explains the different types of stocks in the market and looks at the short and long term benefits of share ownership.

The book is comprehensive and covers the following areas:
• What is the stock market and how does it work?
• What are shares?
• What are gilts?
• What are futures and options?
• Overseas shares
• Obtaining advice on share dealing
• When to sell shares

The author: Liam Croft is a lecturer in economics. He has extensive knowledge of the stock market and its machinations and has contributed articles to a number of trade magazines on the world economy. He brings his considerable experience to bear in this concise and clear guide.



Go to 'Give me your Money' book details

Why is this book so popular - recession?
Last year our most popular book was 'Give me your Money - A Guide to Debt Recovery' by Anthony Reeves.
Why this is popular is probably as much to do with the state of our economy as it is our marketing. Small business obviously needs a good guide to the collection of debts and the surrounding legal framework - and the author competently provides this. The book was also used in a promotion for a well-known business magazine - so this promotion was designed to improved its sales figures. This is a marketing potential that Straightforward is currently progressing in some detail - our books lend some credence to both magazine publication and also to certain websites.


A Straightforward Guide to Debt Recovery, by Anthony Reeves.
Review by John O'Sullivan from magazine 'Credit Today'

The author of this book, Anthony Reeves has written numerous legal books for the lay person. He is a specialist in debt recovery and is a member of the UK Institute of Legal Executives.

The publishers, Straightforward Publishing, have published numerous titles under their Straightforward Guides series. The expression it does what it says on the tin springs to mind when reading this book.

It is a straightforward guide to debt recovery No bull just facts. If you had no knowledge of debt collecting and read this book you would, at least, have grasped and appreciated the basics of sound credit control and collections.

The book begins with Credit Terms and Customer Checking. It devotes a chapter each to consumer and commercial credit. The author then spends a few chapters on court proceedings, defended actions and the follow up after judge ment is awarded. The jurisdiction in the book relates to the United Kingdom. The last chapter in this book is titled Reforming the Courts for Debt

Collections. It is an interesting and thought provoking essay on recent changes as a result of the UK Woolf Reforms and, also, suggested changes in legal procedures in debt collections.

The author argues that "a more efficient court system would encourage creditors to pursue debts through the courts".

Throughout this book there is good advice on the various areas of credit collection and credit control, what one should do in particular situations and, very importantly, what can go wrong.

Invoice layout is mentioned. This is an area that is neglected by many companies The legal steps in debt recovery are clear, logical and informative. The judicial process is different in the UK but the approach and pre-trial steps are similar - can you prove the debt?

I enjoyed reviewing this book, I liked its no bull approach, its easy style and, most importantly, the vast amount of information it gives for such a small book (109 pages).

John O'Sullivan

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Last Updated - Oct 2016


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