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Our esteemed MD would like to make an announcement...

fighting for light book cover


Managing Director, Roger Sproston, spills the beans, tells his own life story!

From signing up for service to signing out - this is a story you've gotta hear...

Fighting For Light, The Travels of a Tin Pot Warrior is a book about one of the thousands of people, given the chance, who upped and left backgrounds offering very little in the way of hope. They headed, like a herd of Wildebeest, for the promised-land, or the illusion of the promised-land, some making it and others not.

Roger Sproston

A review from the Mail Online...'Dodging bullets in Iran, hiking alone in Kathmandu and sleeping in a bin in San Francisco...'


Recent additions to our titles...

Health and Weight ManagementWe are pleased to introduce a new author, Caroline Rainsford, who is both anacupuncture and accupressure specialist. Furthermore, she is a Tai Chi instructor and promotes meditation and nutrition practices based on eastern tradition.

An Emerald Guide to Health and Weight Management -Teachiings From the East, is due for publication on 25th April 2021 - ISBN 978-1-913776-07-7 Price: £10.99

The book demonstrates how Qi Energy can be improved for better health, the Mind and Body Connection, Meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Also detailed is the importance of Acupuncture and Acupressure to restoring health. The book explains how emotional Health is important, using visualisation to achieve your goals and Caroline is passionate about publicising the benefits of Meditation,Qi Gong,Tai Chi,

Acupuncture and Nutrition. She has an instagram page chihealthcarolinerainsford.



A change for the better?

civil justice after COVED19

This new book 'Civil Justice after COVID' provides a far reaching focus on the  Civil Justice System and how it operated pre-COVID 19 and  also on how the whole civil justice system will (and should) change after COVID. The effects of the 'lockdowns', 'social distancing', and testing regime impinge critically on our fundamental human rights. This book will lead many others in the inevitable debates on those human rights, and their ramifications.

The onset of the pandemic has highlighted numerous problems with the old system and also shines a light on what changes will be needed to enable people to adapt to the challenge. Click on book cover for more details or to order.

Published: August 2021  £10.99 The author: Anthony Reeves is a Chartered Legal Executive who has worked in civil litigation for the past 20 years. His areas of interest include debt recovery, contractual disputes and property litigation. He is the author of several law books for the lay person.


Josephine Spire - this inspiring author now has published 4 books with us in recent times and whose latest book "Stop Smoking Now - The Survival Guide" compliments her previous three books with her inimitable style and positivity.

Click on the banner below to get latest reviews of her books..
Jo Spire books pr
Find her books in our bookshop in the Health section _________________________________________________________



self-hypnosis book coverPublished October 2015:

Hypnosis is the gentle healer, no chemicals, no side effects and it puts the patient in a state that holds great potential for healing by giving the patient access to the subconscious mind. Self- Hypnosis and Positive Affirmations is a book about how hypnosis combined with positive affirmations can be powerful in treating a number of physical, psychological, stress related disorders, phobias and promoting sporting performance among others.
This book is original and practical  and will benefit anyone who wishes to investigate further. More and more people are beginning to realise and appreciate the healing power of hypnosis and affirmations

History of hypnosis * What is hypnosis * Self-hypnosis – What is self-hypnosis, uses of self-hypnosis, how to use self-hypnosis * Positive Affirmations- What are affirmations, importance of affirmations, how to use affirmations * Quit smoking *Weight loss * Stress management * Low confidence/self esteem * Panic attacks * Insomnia * Childbirth * Depression * Anxiety *Addictions

About the author: Josephine Spire a qualified Hypnotherapist with a degree in Health Studies and higher certificate in nursing. This book is based on her considerable experience with clients that she has treated over the years, combined with knowledge in the health field as well as  extensive research experience.


Click cover to view contentsDoreen Jarrett brings us a second book, for her, in our 'explaining' range of Health titles. Her first book was 'Explaining Parkinson's' and it too shows the sincere empathy of the carer.


What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is the term used to describe what was once known as manic depression. Bipolar disorder causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking and behaviour.

If the sufferer can establish methods of achieving calm - then this can help significantly with the condition.




Recently Published August 2015


Dyspraxia book coverThis fourth book in the Emerald Explaining Series,Waiting for a Voice - A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Verbal Dyspraxia deals with a condition which is recognized as being quite widespread. Verbal Dyspraxia is a specific, severe speech disorder found in children which prevents the brain from getting the correct messages to the muscles in and around the mouth, which in turn affects the ability to make intelligible speech.

The outcome can be traumatic for the child and also for the parents and involves trying to get effective support from the NHS, establishing what therapy the child needs and implementing coping strategies to ensure that the child can have as normal a childhood as possible. This book is intended as a guide for families on coping with a diagnosis of verbal dyspraxia and covers the following areas:

  • What is verbal dyspraxia? * From diagnosis to action - research and treatment * Alternative non-verbal communication methods * Getting the right help in the education system * Tips on things to do at home to improve communication and confidence * What you need from your speech and language therapist * Differences in approach between the UK and USA * How diet and nutrition could potentially help * Coping mechanisms as a family * Dealing with other people’s prejudices. 


The author: Samantha Walker has a four year old son with severe verbal dyspraxia. Since her son was diagnosed with the condition, she has worked tirelessly to get the best treatment and support for her son, researching the condition and testing alternative approaches to therapy. She is the author of the blog, waiting-for-a-voice.com, which was set up as an information site for other parents in the same situation.


Jackie Sherman's recent book 'Writing Your Autobiography' gets some deserved PR.

Jackie's book has recently been featured in three family history magazines, which is an exact niche given her experience in extracting the best from family archives. An autobiography inevitably delves into family history and the recent upsurge of interest in this area is notable with the TV episodes of Piers Morgan's 'Life Stories' and the popular 'Who do you think you are?' programs on BBC2.

This interest is reflected in the magazines 'Family History Monthly', 'Family Tree' (where Jackie has some input on top tips) and the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are?' - we include links to these publications (just click on cover):

In 'Family Tree' Jackie has included some tips to writing your autobiography:

Jackie's '10 Top Tips from 'FamilyTree'

In the BBC magazine on the series 'Who Do You Think You Are' Jackie's book is reviewed by John Williams who has taught family history for several years.

Click here to see the 'Who Do You Think You Are?' review.

Click here if you want to order her book or just want more information about 'Writing Your Autobiography' by Jackie Sherman.


Clare Lawrence has just completed her second edition of 'Explaining Autism', one of our most popular books in this category.

asperger syndrome - Go to book detailClare's books have a personal perspective - she has a son diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (AS). What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? With Autism and Asperger syndrome now reckoned to affect one in a hundred of our population, this is a question that more and more people are needing to ask. Clare is active with various organisations supporting autism and has appeared on a Great Ormand Street Educational DVD about more effective early diagnosis of AS.

Clare recognised the need for publicity with her first edition of this book and actively raised awareness of the condition and how best to deal with it. She had an article in the Sunday Times, an article in the Mail on Sunday, as well as a piece in her local newspaper. She is also well known within the community of websites dealing with autism, see this review of her book, for instance, on the website 'as teens' for teenagers with Aspergers Syndrome. Clare has her own website which contains all the books she has written on autism at www.clarelawrenceautism.com.

Clare LawrenceDr Clare Lawrence is Senior Lecturer in Teacher Development at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, where she is the English Secondary lead with a special interest in autism education. She is a graduate of Oxford, York, Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam and Birmingham universities, has a University Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder, a Post Graduate Certificate in Asperger Syndrome and a PhD in autism and education. For the last 15 years, Dr Lawrence has been working with parents, schools, universities and autism experts to explore practical solutions on how to make school make more sense for children with autism and how to help promote understanding of what having this condition is like. She has written a number of books on ways to help, understand and appreciate people with conditions on the Autism Spectrum. She has two children. Her son has autism.

Go to book details.

The National Autistic Society is a good resource for further information and Clare's book can also be found in their shop.

Details of her first book 'Finding Asperger Syndrome in the family - A Book of Answers" . More...


A Collaboration with the Arts Council of England

City of Stoke on TrentArts Council EnglandIn this new literary venture for Emerald we are acting as a partner to the Arts Council - England and the Stoke on Trent City Council. Nicholas Corder is a professional writer-in-residence with the library service at Stoke on Trent City Council and was commissioned to write 'The Bone Mill'.

The Bone Mill

What is 'The Bone Mill' about? It's a story set in The Potteries district in the early 19th Century. It is billed as 'a novel for those of a robust constitution' and gives a glimpse of a harsh world where life is a fight for survival.

Teachers Packs are now on offer with special discounts and free copies - More...



The Ultimate Nutrition Guide

The Ultimate Nutrition GuideZoe HellmanNutritionist Zoe Hellman has specialised in the dietry requirements of cancer patients which was the basis of her first book. She has now completed her second book, in our series covering the major illnesses from which many of us suffer. This book covers nutritional advice for Joint and Arthritic condition sufferers, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, offering targeted advice to each. Based on the latest research and practice, the book shows readers the importance of nutrition and how to apply important principles to their diet.

Zoe Hellman Bsc SRD is a State Registered Dietitian* and has worked in the public and private sectors. She has first-hand experience of the importance of nutrition and the impact it can have on well- being and health. Zoe was trained to the highest standards in the NHS and is now working in the private sector.
* Note: This is the correct spelling for the profession.


Writing True Crime

Writing True CrimeStephen Wade is a writer and historian specialising in true crime and crime history and published his latest book 'Writing True Crime' in August last year.

He has written several true crime books and for true crime magazines. He also teaches part-time on crime history at the University of Hull. His latest books are: Cold Cases Revisited (Pen and Sword), Plain Clothes and Sleuths and Square Mile Bobbies, a history of the City of London Police (History Press). He has also written two books of family history, Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors and Tracing Your Police Ancestors (Pen and Sword).


The Property Investors Management Handbook by David Watson

The following is a review from the Telegraph Property Club:-

"This 150-page book looks at all aspects of property investment. It clearly demonstrates the key elements of buying and managing residential property. It is useful for both the investor and for the property manager. Property Investors Management HandbookSince the 1988 Housing Act private letting has exploded in the UK, and sometimes the pace of change has outstripped the knowledge of landlords. This book will bring it all in to focus and ensure that property managers and landlords are aware of their role and responsibilities as well as clearly emphasising the responsibility of the tenant. Often scant thought is applied to the legalities of letting property in many cases and Watson's approach blends the rights of both parties to ensure a fruitful relationship for both parties. Watson works on the theory that knowledge is everything, and it is hard to find fault in his approach. The fact that landlords don't know what they don't know is addressed by an almost belt and braces approach to letting. The book covers the acquisition of property in depth and aims to enable the landlord or potential landlord to manage effectively and efficiently whilst protecting their asset. The law is covered right up to 2008 including the advent of the Tenancy deposit scheme and the introduction of Home Information Packs." Go to book detail.



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