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The Travels of a Tin Pot Warrior


Image of 'Beat the Squeeze' by Anthony ViceFighting For Light, The Travels of a Tin Pot Warrior is a book about one of the thousands of people, given the chance, who upped and left backgrounds offering very little in the way of hope. They headed, like a herd of Wildebeest, for the promised-land, or the illusion of the promised-land, some making it and others not.

This book chronicles the life and epic travels of one such person, the author, from hazy and humble beginnings in the 1950’s and 1960’s, to an ill fated and short-lived period in the armed forces, followed by years of high adventure and restless travels around large parts of the globe, through invasions and revolutions, one after another. The book provides much amusement and fun and will strike a cord with the many people who also travelled the same route.

It will open the reader’s eyes to a (seemingly) innocent and much easier time when it was possible to get up and go, stick out your thumb, Kerouac style, and travel here, there and everywhere.

The author: Roger Sproston has had an unusual and eventful life, travelling the world, dodging the bullets, and, latterly, creating and running a medium size publishing company in The UK. He spends his time trying to stay on the straight and not so narrow and generally hoping for the best.

Released: 1st October, 2014

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grow family tree 

Many people want to trace their roots and there has never been a better time to do so. However, with so many online resources now available it can be a daunting task for the beginner. This book will go through all the basics from gathering information from relatives and using County Archives, to making use of the best of the internet. It explains in depth how to obtain relevant documents, how to gather clues to further your research and how to do all this in the most economical way.

The book also covers many topics that are likely to be unfamiliar to the 21st century researcher such as the Poor Laws and the Workhouses, Marriage Laws and other Parliamentary Acts that are an alien concept to us today. So it is not just about putting names on a tree, it is an all round insight into the daily lives of our ancestors.

Review in local newspaper - the Worthing Herald: Growing Your Own Family Tree Review

About the Author: Pauline Golds is a professional Genealogist
and author. She has spent many years researching family trees
and has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject.
In this book she brings together her skills as both a writer and
researcher, to share that knowledge with those wishing to
investigate their own ancestry.


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Many of us regret the fact that we didn't get to know our parents or grandparents well enough and that it is now too late. If only they had left a written record of their lives! So that your descendants won't be left in the same position, now is the time to write your autobiography.

Use this book to help you overcome any self-imposed barriers that may have prevented you getting started, remember more details from your past, improve your writing and identify the best way to organize your memories into a complete book.

Image of 'Writing Your Autobiography' by  Jackie ShermanThe book covers the following key areas:

� The positive and negative reasons for writing an autobiography
� Memory joggers related to the different ways we remember things
� How to improve your writing to bring it to life
� The value of dialogue to 'show not tell'
� Where you can go to fill in the gaps
� Different ways to organize your material
� Using editing and proofreading to get your manuscript up to the highest standard
� Ways to reach a wider audience, including through fiction, magazine articles, talks or a complete book

About the author: Jackie Sherman has been writing non-fiction books and articles for over 10 years and has also worked as an Adult Education Tutor since 1995. Before then, she was a Careers Adviser and has run her own business designing CVs. In 2008 she wrote a distance learning course on Writing Autobiography and has since taught many people to start writing through her popular 5-week courses.

Second Edition March 2018

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A novel for those with a robust consitution

Image of 'The Bone Mill' by Nicholas CorderThe Potteries, 1829. It's a harsh world and nowhere is it harsher than at the Bone Mill. This is where animal bones are ground down to make into fine china. It's a stinking world of fetid carcases, clanking machinery and tough men. This is Joseph Ryder's world. A teenage orphan, Joseph ekes out a hand-to-mouth living one step ahead of the workhouse, spending his few extra coppers trying to contact his dead mother through his landlady and medium, Gerda. When his foreman, Sewell, offers him a chance to earn a few extra shillings, Joseph jumps at the chance and soon finds himself dragged into a deadly sideline business involving the House of Recovery and the slimy local anatomist, Mr Furness. But not everybody is as they seem and Joseph soon finds himself embroiled in a life of crime from which there seems to be no escape. The Bone Mill is a novel only for those with a robust constitution.

The author: Nicholas Corder is a professional writer-in-residence with the library service at Stoke on Trent City Council. The novel is a collaboration with The Arts Council - England and Stoke on Trent City Council

Image of City of Stoke-on-Trent  logoImage of Arts Council England logoPublication March 2010.


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A guide to skills and research in producing books and articles

This latest book in the Straightforward Guides Series introduces the aspiring crime writer to the skills needed to write true crime and crime history. The chapters cover everything from finding a subject, working on a creative treatment, and researching in libraries and archives.

Image of 'Writing True Crime' by Stephaen WadeThe reader is given a clear understanding of the craft of writing in this popular and expanding area of writing, with material included from social history, law and criminology in the factual basis of the book.

The following areas are covered in detail:
� Preparing to write
� Knowing the genres and market outlets
� Researching crime casebooks
� Using archives
� Keeping records
� Writing articles
� Writing on historical crime


The author: Stephen Wade is a writer and historian specialising in true crime and crime history. He has written several true crime books and for true crime magazines. He also teaches part-time on crime history at the University of Hull. His latest books are: Cold Cases Revisited (Pen and Sword), Plain Clothes and Sleuths and Square Mile Bobbies, a history of the City of London Police (History Press). He has also written two books of family history, Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors and Tracing Your Police Ancestors (Pen and Sword). latest book in The Emerald Guides Series Guide to Being a professional Writer, is the perfect book for all those who wish to develop their skills in this area, whether through a course of study or as a hobby.

REVISED EDITION August 2018 978-1-84716-836-8

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Developing Writing Skills and Achieving Success as an Author

This latest book in The Emerald Guides Series Guide to Being a professional Writer, is the perfect book for all those who wish to develop their skills in this area, whether through a course of study or as a hobby.

Click to show contents pageThe book provides the essential knowledge need to approach this growing marketable area with confidence and covers the following areas:

o Carrying out research into your book or project
o Assessing yourself as a writer
o Knowing your market

Improving style and technique
o Writing fiction
o Writing fiction
o Interviewing
o factual and documentary articles
o Submission of work to editors

Published: October 2007

Authors: Professor Stephen Wade is Head of English at the University of Huddersfield teaching and organising writing and media studies. He has published many books, including two further titles for Straightforward publishing, Freelance Writing and Performance Poetry.

Kate Walker has been writing successful romantic fiction for twenty years. She has published over thirty novels for Mills and Boon. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association.

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Click to show contents pageThis book is ideal for all would-be musicians and those who require a career in the music industry.

New Perspectives o How to Survive and Succeed in the Music Industry is the first book to combine essential information on how the industry works generally and also specific information for aspiring musicians such as the roles of agents, lawyers, accountants and managers.

The book contains important information on different careers and will prove invaluable to all who want to gain a foothold in the music industry.

Author: Teri Saccone

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Three locations provide the backdrop for a tale of both satisfying intimacy and yet universal perspective and insight.

Click to show contents pageThis excellent first novel by Johnny Richards is set in the cataclysmic week of 9/11.
The story involves a number of key characters whose lives are inextricably linked by a series of events starting in Montana, moving through New Jersey and finally to Manhattan.
Central to the plot are several victims of injustice, an ex-convict, the wife of a 9/11 casualty, a psychopath and a deranged priest who are caught up in events which change their lives forever.
Damage Rendered is a story about people who are damaged, some of whom are caught up in events beyond their control, some render that damage.

The Author: Johnny Richards is 40 and lives in Hove East Sussex. He has written short stories for publication and this is his first novel.

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In The Classroom-A Parent's Guide to Primary Education is a user friendly, at a glance guide for parents to what their children are taught at primary school.

It gives a brief description of the more modern teaching methods so that parents can gain a familiarity with, and an understanding of, the processes that their child will go through in the primary school setting. The book covers the development of numeracy, literacy and the wider curriculum from when Click to show contents pagechildren enter school in Reception at age 4, through Key Stages One and Two until the move to secondary school at age 11. It gives parents an insight to what - and how - their children are learning, and suggests a wealth of ways to support that learning at home.

The book covers the following areas:
o Numeracy
o Literacy

The wider curriculum
Key stages of development
Helping at Home
Moving to Secondary school

The author: Kate Stewart - Kate is a teacher, a school governor and a writer on education. Most importantly she is a parent of two children at primary school and is able therefore to give a parent's perspective on understanding and supporting learning during these important years.

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