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Straightforward Property Titles cover most key aspects of housing law and property buying, selling and renting in the UK. Buying in France and Scotland are also covered in particular.

Some of our recently revised titlesA Straightforward Guide to...

Buying and Selling Property at Auction
Designing and Building Your Own Home
Buying Property Abroad
Buying and Selling Your Own Home
Managing Commercial Property
Guide to Housing Rights
Letting Property for Profit
Buying, Selling and Renting Property
The Process of Conveyancing

Use the above links for further detail on our titles and click on book covers for contents and intro

All Straightforward property titles have been revised to incorporate the Housing Act 2004 legislative changes, including the new standards on overcrowding and restrictions on the Right to Buy.

Top of PageA Straightforward Guide to
Buying and Selling Property at Auction


Buying and Selling Property at Auction book cover
It is often thought that buying or selling property at auction is complicated and risky and should only be undertaken by those with experience. However,nowadays, property auctions are an increasingly popular way for people to buy a home, increase their residential or commercial portfolio or sell an existing property.

This book will guide the reader through the entire process, is packed with useful information, and will ensure that the experience will be based on solid foundations so that readers will avoid the pitfalls inherent in buying property at auction.

Buying and Selling Property at Auction cover

Second Edition 25th Sept 2021

The author: Roger Sproston BA Msc is a property  management specialist with over 35
years experience in the industry.

Roger Sproston £9.99


Top of PageA Straightforward Guide to
Designing and Building Your Own Home

In the current housing climate, more and more people are finding it very difficult to get their foot on the housing ladder.

Quite often, when the opportunity to do so arrives, buyers have to settle for second best, having had no say in the design and construction process, just to get a roof over their heads.

However, there is another way which does take a lot more effort, and a lot more involvement, but which is ultimately very rewarding. That is self-building your own home. A Straightforward Guide to Designing and Building Your Own Home will guide the reader through all of the stages involved in the process of self-building a home, from inception to completion.
Designing and Building Your Own Home book cover
The book includes the following:

Why self-build
Finding a Plot of Land For Your Self-Build
Costs of Self-Build 
Obtaining a Self-Build Mortgage
The Design process 
Obtaining Planning Permission
Role of local Authority Building Control
An Overview of the Construction Process 
Estimating Building Works 
Stages of Construction 
Steps Following Completion Of Your Home

Designing and Building Your Own Home cover

Links to architect's designs and plans from the book:-

Topographical Survey
Drainage Site Block Plan
Foundation Layout
Ground Floor Layout
First Floor Layout
Interior Sectional Drawlings
Design Drawings - pages 76 to 83

The Authors:
Roger Sproston BA MSc is a housing professional with over 25 years in the industry.
Paul and Jayne Marshall have many years experience of self-building their own properties and bring their invaluable, first hand, practical experience to bear in this book.

The authors collaberated on the book with Paul and Jayne giving their first-hand experience, and Roger coordinating the final edit...

Publication: July 2018 ISBN: 978-184716-806-1


Roger Sproston, Paul and Jayne Marshall £11.99


Top of PageA Straightforward Guide to Buying Property Abroad


This latest book from the Straightforward Guides Series, Guide to Buying Property Abroad, is a clear guide, aimed at individuals and property investors, and anyone who may wish to relocate to a particular country, to the processes involved in investing in property in overseas countries. The book will prove invaluable to all who are considering traveling abroad and investing in the property markets in Europe and beyond.

Buying Property Abroad book coverThe following countries/areas are covered:

�Buying in France - Spain - Portugal
� The rest of Europe
� The United States
� The Caribbean
� The new and emerging markets - Bulgaria - Croatia - Slovakia
� Albania - Romania - Czechoslovakia - The Baltic States
� South America - China - India - Asia general


The Author: Steven Packer is a freelance journalist specialising in all matters relating to landlord and tenant and also in emerging property markets throughout the world. He brings his considerable experience to bear in this comprehensive guide.

Revised Edition 25th Aug 2021

Steven Packer £9.99
Top of PageA Straightforward Guide to
Buying and Selling Your Own Home


Buying and Selling Your Own Home book coverA Straightforward Guide to Buying and Selling Your Own Home, revised Edition, is a very practical guide aimed at those with little experience in the property market. It is comprehensive and covers all aspects of buying and selling property including the processes of legal conveyancing.

This concise book covers the following areas:

� An overview of the housing market
� The main processes in buying and selling a home
� Looking at houses-general considerations
� Auctions
� Dealing with estate agents and selling online
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **� Dealing with solicitors and other professionals
� The process of conveyancing
� Buying and selling in Scotland

The author: Frances James is a lecturer in housing law. She has extensive knowledge of the property field and has produced other publications in this area. She brings her considerable experience to bear in this concise and clear guide.

Revised Edition - 20 Feb 2020

Available as an e-book

Frances James £9.99


Top of PageA Straightforward Guide to
Managing Commercial Property


Managing Commercial Property book coverThis book provides a wealth of practical information for those Ideal for all in business. who have set up or are about to set up a business. The book is also extremely useful for landlords of commercial property.

The book deals specifically with issues surrounding the period of tenure of business premises and management generally. Areas such as maintenance, rent, service charges and renewal of leases are some of the issues covered in depth.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Revised Edition - Dec 2017



Available as an e-book

Steven Rimmer £9.99


Top of PageLetting Property for Profit

Letting Property for Profit substantially revises and updates the previous edition in the light of ongoing changes in the law and also practice. The book will enable the reader to understand this complex area The book will also assist the student or professional.

Letting Property for Profit book coverThe book is comprehensive and covers the following areas:

� Considerations when letting a property
� Returns on investment
� Finding a tenant
� Rights and obligations-Landlord and Tenant
� Outline of different tenure types
� Market rents and the law governing residential rents
� Divorce and children
� Repairing responsibilities
� Service charges
� Ending a tenancy
� Tax considerations

The author: Sean Andrews is a surveyor and, until recently, worked for a major practice in all areas of property management. Currently he works as a freelance advisor and full time writer and journalist.

Letting Property for Profit coverRevised Edition - July 2020

Sean Andrews £9.99


Top of PageBuying, Selling and Renting Property

Buying, Selling and Renting Property is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the UK property market from investing for profitBuying Selling and Renting Property cover
to the legalities involved either as a landlord or as a tenent.

Revised Edition - July 2019

Frank Worth £9.99